about ispe


Executive Secretary
Mark H. Epstein, ScD
Tel: +1-301-718-6537
Email: mepstein@paimgmt.com

Society Manager
Shannon Sperati, CAE
Telephone: 301.718.6513
Email ssperati@paimgmt.com

Director of Operations
James Vrac, CAE
Tel: +1-301-718-6523
Email: jvrac@paimgmt.com

Director of Meetings
Melissa Castan, CAE, CMP
Tel: +1-301-718-6531
Email: mcastan@paimgmt.com

Thomas O'Hora, CPA
Tel: +1-301-718-6535
Email: tohora@paimgmt.com

Membership/Meetings Registrar
Jennifer Tarr
Tel: +1-301-718-6525
Email: jtarr@paimgmt.com

Mailing Address
International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE)
5272 River Road, Suite 500
Bethesda, MD 20816 USA

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