Brazil Chapter

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster human capacity, enhance infrastructure and advance national-database research in order to carry out pharmacoepidemiology studies in Brazil.


  • To contribute with capacity building in pharmacoepidemiology to conduct high-quality pharmacoepidemiology studies in Brazil;
  • To disseminate the results of high-quality pharmacoepidemiology studies among researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers;
  • To propose harmonize Brazilian databases, working with decision markers in a government, to optimize its use for rigorous pharmacoepidemiology research at national and international levels;
  • To promote a collaboration among healthcare managers, researchers, and organized civil society (patients) groups within Brazil`s Unified Healthcare System;
  • To use data from Brazilian databases to estimate the potential Budget Impact of emerging drugs identified, prioritized and critically assessed by the Brazilian Horizon Scanning System and,
  • To promote international collaboration with individuals and groups in the area of pharmacoepidemiology research.
    • To involve investigators from the LatAm chapter in research projects initiated in Brazil
    • To collaborate with investigators from the LatAm chapter in preparation of webinars
    • To involve investigators from the LatAm chapter in presentations of workshops at ICPE

Meeting Schedule

The Brazil Chapter will meet several times per year by teleconference and/or through face-to-face meetings in Brazil and/or at the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE’s) midyear meeting and/or the International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (ICPE) meeting.

Committee Members

Chair: Luciane C Lopes
Co-Chair: Maribel Salas
Co-Chair: Claudia Gracia Serpa Osório de Castro
Co-Chair: Juan Sebastian Franco