Public Policy Committee

Mission Statement

To serve as a forum on matters which may impact the ability to conduct pharmacoepidemiologic research. This would — among other issues — include policies on research conditions, research ethics, data confidentiality and publication. The PPC may also more broadly address issues related to public health.


  • On behalf of the ISPE membership to develop statements on issues related to the PPC mission.
  • To address public concern over the ethical implications or quality of pharmacoepidemiological research.
  • To alert members towards newly arisen developments on issues related to the PPC mission.
  • To maintain aversion of the Guideline for Good Pharmacoepidemiology Practice (GPP).

Meeting Schedule

The PPC convenes at the annual ICPE meeting and by teleconferences in between as deemed necessary by the chair.

Committee Members

The PPC uses three year terms with elections at the annual PPC meeting during the ICPE. The current chair and chair elect decide on topics to pursue and liaise with the executive committee and the PPC as necessary.

Chair Lisa Pont
Co-Chair Meredith Smith