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Practical Advice for Preparing a 3-Minute Spotlight Session Presentation (Poster Walk Presentation)

The purpose of presenting a scientific poster at ICPE is to visually stimulate interest in the research question, to present sufficient information for viewers to understand the methods, results, and significance of the research, and to promote conversations and networking among conference participants.

The Spotlight Sessions include a set of pre-selected, top-rated research abstracts that provide presenters with the opportunity to discuss their scientific posters with an audience. Spotlight Session presenters will deliver a brief 3-minute presentation beside their poster and prepare and respond to questions from the Spotlight Session audience. The objective of this recorded webinar is to provide Spotlight Session presenters with targeted guidance on how to prepare for their presentations. View the presentation here.

You can also use our new Checklist for Spotlight Session Poster Presenters, which you can access here.

Poster presenters who are not involved in a Spotlight Session will benefit from viewing this webinar. However, for more general guidance on how to create an effective scientific poster, please review the following presentation from the ICPE 2015 in Boston, MA by Dr. Caitlin Knox (you can go skip forward to about minute 30 in this presentation).