Questions about the meeting location

Q: Where and when is the 36th ICPE taking place?

A: The 36th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management will take place Saturday, August 24-28, 2020, at the Estrel Hotel & Congress Center in Berlin, Germany.

Questions about registration

Q: What is VAT (Value Added Tax)?

A: The German government assesses a 19% VAT on all registration, courses, and social events at the ICPE 2020.  The 19% VAT is built into registration, courses and social events rates, which is payable to the Germany.  ISPE basically is collecting and paying the VAT directly to the German government. Resident of EU countries can apply for VAT registration reimbursement in their countries post-ICPE.

Q: I purchased merchandise in Germany, how do I get the 19% VAT refunded?

A: The VAT can be refunded if the merchandise is purchased and exported by a customer whose residence is outside the European Union. You will need to allow extra time at the airport to process the proper paperwork before leaving Germany. Visit German VAT Refund to learn more about all the requirements to receive the VAT refund.

Q: Normally, when I register for the annual meeting (ICPE), membership is included in the registration. Is that available this year?

A: Yes, all registrations (except one-day registration) include membership in the Society from July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021. If you are a current member, your ISPE registration will automatically renew your membership through June 30, 2021.

Q: I am not sure if I qualify for the “special” rate.

A: An individual must be a citizen and resident of a country classified as High, Medium, or Low Human Development as identified by the United Nations (Source: Human Development Report 2019). Click here to see a list of qualifying countries. If your country/region is not listed, or you are still unclear, please contact the ISPE office via email (

Q: I renewed my membership, but now want to register to attend the 2020 ICPE. Is it too late to add a registration?

A: Please contact the ISPE office via email (, stating that you wish to add a meeting registration to your renewal and attach the PDF registration form to indicate payment. 

Q: I submitted my registration, but now I want to add a pre-conference course. How can I do that?

A: Please contact the ISPE office via email (, stating what course you wish to add and attach the PDF registration form to indicate additional payment for the course.  Be sure to include your meeting confirmation number as proof that you have registered for the meeting and put “UPDATED” at the top of the registration form. 

Q: I submitted my registration, and now I realize that I registered for the wrong pre-ICPE course.  How can I make a change?

A: Please contact the ISPE office via email (, stating what course you wish to add and attach the PDF registration form to indicate payment.  Be sure to include your meeting confirmation number as proof that you have registered for the meeting and put “CORRECTED” at the top of the registration form. 

Q: I tried to register online; however, my credit card was declined. I know the card is good.  What should I do?

A:  If you are using a debit card, we have found that sometimes there are problems with our processing system.  You may need to use a credit card or send a check with payment (in US Dollars).  You may also contact the ISPE office and request that we enter the credit card information for you, which we will be happy to do.

Please note - if the system has declined your card once, it is likely it will still decline it even if we input it.  In that case, we would contact you and ask you to either provide a different credit card or send a check.  Your registration will be accepted as of the date payment is made, not when a registration form is received.

Q: I have requested payment from my organization to be sent directly to you, but I want to send ISPE my registration form now.  What should I do?

A: You may do so; however, you will not be registered until ISPE receives payment. Also, to take advantage of the lower rates (Early Bird or Advance), the payment and the registration form must be in our office by the deadline – we cannot extend the Early Bird or Advance registration deadlines. 

Q:  My organization would like to pay for my registration by a wire transfer, but we cannot find any information about how to do so on your website.  What can we do?

A:  ISPE accepts wire transfers only for registrations and will include a USD $150.00 bank fee. (ISPE’s bank charges the Society a fee to receive and send wire transfers.)  If you would like to pay via wire transfer, email the ISPE office at, and the details will be forwarded to you.  Please note, the wired amount received must equal the total cost in USD.

Q:  What is the definition of a “student/recent graduate” for the purposes of registering?

A:  If you register as a student/recent graduate (received a degree from an institution within the last three years of the start date of the meeting), we require proof of your status. We will accept (1) a letter from your Program Director stating the beginning and ending dates of your program, (2) a photocopy of your student identification showing an ending date, or (3) a photocopy of your graduation diploma showing the date you graduated.

Q: My scholarship will not cover my travel costs. Can I apply for additional funds?

A: There was substantial interest in the 2020 ICPE and many scholarship requests.  The ISPE Scholarship Committee has allocated all budgeted money for scholarships; there are no additional funds available for the 2020 ICPE.  ISPE will not be re-opening the scholarship application and accepting a request for new/additional money. We hope that you can find additional funds from other sources.

Q: I would like to bring a guest to the social event/welcome reception. How can I register them?

A: When you register to attend the meeting, there is an option to register a guest for the social events at an extra cost. Please complete this information at the same time you complete your registration.

Q: I would like a certificate of attendance.

A:  Certificates of attendance will be available upon successful completion of the meeting survey, which will be emailed to attendees after the meeting.

Questions about getting to the 2020 ICPE/Berlin

Q: What is the best airport to fly into for the meeting?

A:  The closest airport is Berlin Schonefeld Airport which is about a 15-minute car ride from the Estrel Hotel and Congress Center. This airport is connected to public transportation; however, the closest train station is a 12 minute walk from the Estrel Hotel and Congress Center.

Q: As part of my visa application, I was told I needed a letter from the conference organizer. How can I obtain a letter?

A: To obtain a letter from ISPE for your visa application, visit our Letter of Request form here and fill out all the information. Please note, you can only request a letter once you have registered for the meeting.  If you require the letter at a certain time, please note that in the application.

Q: Will ISPE mail my visa letter for me? I need an original letter and signature.

A: If you require ISPE to submit a visa letter with an original signature or on original letterhead, you will be required to send, in advance, the addressed and pre-paid envelope for the visa letter, or to pay for the postage for the letter. Note this request in the Letter of Request form.

Q: Can ISPE help me complete my visa application?

A: No, ISPE staff is unable to provide visa application support except to submit a letter confirming your meeting registration.

Q: Do I need a visa to attend the 36th ICPE?

A: Please visit the Germany Visa Information website for more details and information.

Questions about Germany and the meeting venue

Q: In what part of Berlin will the meeting take place?

A : The meeting takes place in the Southeastern part of the city located in Neukolln distract.

Q: What are my options for traveling to the Estrel Hotel & Congress Center?

A: There are several different and convenient ways to get to the center. Visit their Access page for specific information.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for places to see or things to do in Berlin?

A:  Berlin is a city packed with fascinating attractions and iconic landmarks. Visit their official website, Visit Berlin

Q: Does ISPE have a room block with reduced room rates?

A: We do! Check out the 36th ICPE Hotel/Travel page for the latest updates on our hotel room block. As a reminder, our block is first-come, first-serve, so the earlier you book a room the better. Also, please note the hotel’s cancellation policies when booking.

Q: I was contacted by a third party, claiming to be working with the ICPE conference and offering lower hotel rates to one of the hotels listed on your website. Should I work with this company, or can I get a lower room rate at the hotels?

A: Hotel reservations should only be made directly with the hotels recommended on the ISPE website. The hotels will not contact attendees to solicit reservations. ISPE has not contracted with any management company for reservations; if you are contacted by a third party offering to help you with room reservations, or offering you a lower room rate at any of the hotels listed, it is most likely fraudulent and we do not recommend responding. The rates offered by the hotels, as listed on the ISPE website, are the lowest rates available to our attendees.  ISPE is not responsible for any damages associated with contracting with a third party reservation service that may or may not claim to be associated with ISPE.

Questions about abstract selection

Q: I have questions about my oral presentation or poster presentation for the 2020 ICPE.

A:  Please refer to your acceptance letter, which provides information about oral presentations or poster presentations. In addition, please refer to the Poster/Presenter Guidelines on the ICPE website for more details.

Q: How do I review the status of my abstract?

A: CTI (ISPE's abstract processor) has sent the initial notifications regarding the status of all submitted abstracts. If you have not received an email, please contact CTI Support via email at A second notification will be sent to the submitters of all accepted abstracts in late June.

Q: I have a question about a submitted abstract and have contacted CTI, but I still have not heard anything. Is there someone else I can contact?

A: Notices of acceptance and rejection were sent to the email provided on the abstract submission form for the abstract submitter. If you have not received a notification, please send an email to the ISPE office ( – in the subject line write “Status of Abstract – UNKNOWN”. 

Q: When will I find out when my oral presentation is scheduled during the meeting?

A second notification will go out to those who have accepted their invitation letter. This notification will share the time, date, and additional details of the presentation.  An email will go out in late -June with this information. The email will be sent to the person who submitted the abstract.

Q: I volunteered to serve as a moderator, when will I receive more information on my status?

A: Moderator notification letters will go out in late June with more information and specific follow-up dates.

Q: I have a late-breaker abstract that I would like to submit for consideration at the meeting. How can I submit it for consideration?

A: ISPE will not accept late-breaker applications for the 2020 ICPE.

Questions about meeting presentations and courses

Q: If I register for the meeting will I be able to access online content from the meeting?

A: Yes, all registrants (except one-day registrations) and all ISPE members will have access to the recorded content from this meeting and past meetings from ISPE’s Learning Center.

Q: Will there be a career fair at ICPE?

A: There will not be a career fair. However, there is an opportunity to talk informally with representatives of pharmaceutical companies and service providers. Also, organizations may post job opportunities on a bulletin board located near the registration desk after approved by staff at the ISPE registration desk.

Q: Is the agenda for the meeting on the website?

A: ISPE is constantly updating the meeting agenda on our website to provide the latest information. Please check back regularly to see our most up-to-date information.

Q: Does ISPE have a meeting app?

A: Yes, ICPE 36th will have a meeting app.

Q: Is there a conference hashtag for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram?

The official hashtag for the conference is #ICPEBerlin.