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ISPE Executive Committee 2023-2024

Lisa Pont
Lisa Pont, FISPE
Associate Professor & Team Lead Medicines Use Research in Aged Care (MURAC)
Discipline of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Health
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Sydney, Australia
Mary Beth Ritchey, FISPE
United States Food and Drug Administration
Philadelphia, USA
Tobias Gerhard
Immediate Past President
Tobias Gerhard, FISPE
Professor of Pharmacy and Epidemiology
Director, Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science (PETS)
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, USA
Caitlin Knox
Vice President/Finance
Caitlin Knox
Senior Director, Pharmacoepidemiology
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Tarrytown, USA
Vice President/Finance - Elect
Jennifer Christian
Chief Scientific Officer
Target RWE
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA