Welcome to the home for the many communities of ISPE’s on Below this notice you will find links to the Committees/Councils/SIGs/Chapters that make up this diverse organization. ISPE Members are invited to join most of these groups.

You can join the desired Committee/SIG by going to the ISPE site,

Once there, please navigate to the Renew button on the top right.

  1. Log in to your member profile and select the Renew link (the second option on the Renew page, beneath the Register information). The link will redirect you to a page where you can edit your member information.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a section titled "ISPE Committee/SIGs" with the following message:

    ISPE Committee/SIGs: Check the Committee/SIGs you would like to join. To leave a Committee/SIG, uncheck the box.
  3. Select desired committee/SIG that you would like to join.
  4. Submit your changes by selecting the button.