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Getting Involved with ISPE

ISPE, like many non-profit professional societies, is led and served by active volunteer members. For those interested in offering their time and energy to the Society there are countless ways of becoming involved. Active members can volunteer their time and participate on committees, councils, special interest groups (SIGs), and other society initiatives.

ISPE is always seeking your ideas and your talents to improve the Society. Whether it is serving as a mentor in our Mentor/Mentee program, contributing knowledge to the profession, or shaping policy in a volunteer group, there are numerous ways for you to give to your profession and your profession's society.

There is no set ISPE career path. Many presidents of ISPE started out as active student members, volunteering their time to take tickets at annual meetings or volunteering to take a student leadership position carrying on in the Society as they gained employment, and then speaking at or helping plan an ICPE or Mid Year Meeting. Others have joined the society later in their careers and provided support to the Society as a speaker and topic expert. There is no right way to volunteer in ISPE, because service is recognized with opportunity, especially as ISPE continues to grow across the globe.

In this section, you will find information about how to join ISPE as an individual member, or an institutional member, as well as learn more about volunteer and mentoring opportunities to "Get Involved"!