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ISPE Award Winners

The ISPE Board of Directors is committed to recognition of excellence, both at the ICPE and for the Society. To that end, the Board creates and regularly recognizes special awards and other recognitions.

Sustained Scientific Excellence Award and Lecture

This award is presented from time to time to recognize an active investigator for sustained scientific excellence in the field of pharmacoepidemiology.

The candidate must be an investigator who is actively engaged in state of the art research in pharmacoepidemiology, as defined broadly, who has exhibited sustained scientific excellence in the field.

Harry A. Guess, MD, PhD, 2005
Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH, FISPE, 2006


Distinguished/Outstanding Service Award

The Board presents this award to a Fellow who has provided significant leadership, dedication and contributions to the Society.

Hugh H. Tilson, MD, MPH, DrPH, FISPE, 2002
Jacques Le Lorier, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FISPE, 2005
Frank May, MAppSci (Pharmacy) FISPE, 2006
Susana Perez Gutthann, MD, MPH, PhD, FISPE, 2012
Byung-Joo Park, MD, PhD, FISPE, 2013
Yola Moride, PhD, FISPE, 2018
Mark H. Epstein, ScD, 2019

Honorary Lifetime Fellow

From time to time, ISPE honors individuals to celebrate special accomplishments (e.g. an honorific citation during an annual meeting) or lifetime productivity (e.g. at the time of retirement), or upon another special occasion. Under such circumstances, ISPE may choose to present such an honoree with Honorary/Lifetime membership.

Hugh H. Tilson, MD, MPH, DrPH, FISPE, 2004
Ronald D. Mann, MD, FRCP, FRCGP, FFPM, FISPE, 2010 deceased
Judith K. Jones, MD, PhD, FISPE, 2017 deceased
Frank May, FISPE, 2020

Stanley A. Edlavitch Award

The Stanley A. Edlavitch award, named after the Society's first Executive Director, is presented at each annual meeting to the student who submits the most highly rated abstract. The award consists of a certificate, travel/accommodation stipend, and complimentary registration to the meeting. Winners of the second and third most highly rated student abstracts receive a certificate and complimentary registration to the meeting.

Sean Hennessy, FISPE, 1998
Bing Cai, 1999
Colin R. Sharpe, 2000
Ilona Csizmadi, 2001
Anke Maitland-vander Zee, 2002
Mette Norgaard, 2003
Wanning Xu, 2004
Marie Helen Bouchard, 2005
Jeroen J. Derijks, 2006
Diane van Wieren-de Wijer, 2007
Jochem G. Gregoor, 2008
Charlotte van Noord, 2009
Caitlyn Wilke, 2010
Shirley V. Wang, 2011
Muhammad Zubair Afzal, 2012
Anna Byrjalsen, 2013
Jin-Liern Hong, 2014
Andrea L. Schaffer, 2015
Rebecca Burne, 2016
Issa J. Dahabreh, 2017
Maja Hellfritzsch Poulsen, 2018
Amani Hamad, 2019
Joris Komen, 2020

Andrew McAfee Award

Created in memory of Andrew McAfee, the Board grants this award annually to a researcher or student/post-doc living in a developing country who submits the most highly rated abstract for presentation at the ICPE.

Thiyagu Rajakannan, 2011
Carlos Durán, 2012
Mary Onyango, 2013
Hisham Aljadhey, 2014
Grace Wangge, 2015
Jamal Uddin, 2016
Angel Yun Sum Wong, 2017
Wenchao Lu, 2018
Hailong Li, 2019
Na He, 2020

John Snow Award

Created to commemorate pioneering nineteenth century British epidemiologist, John Snow, the Board grants this award annually to a female researcher or student living in a developing country who submits the most highly rated abstract for presentation at the ICPE. When the McAfee Award is won by a woman, the Snow award will be made to the next most highly ranked abstract submitted by any researcher or student living in a developing country irrespective of gender.

Sze Ling (Celine) Chui, 2016
A. Yasmina Noorsyahdy, 2017
Fu Mengyuan, 2018
Luciane Cruz Lopes, 2019
Johannes Mouton, 2020

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes ISPE members that have shown, early in their careers, the potential for leadership and have already made significant contributions to the Society.

Irene Berita Murimi-Worstell, 2019
Juan Hincapie-Castillo, 2020

Sustained Service Award

Granted to individuals who have made a significant and sustained service to ISPE.

Keith Beard, FISPE, 2018
Ulf Bergman, FISPE, 2018
Stephen JW Evans, FISPE, 2018
Allen Mitchell, FISPE, 2018
Abraham Hartzema, FISPE, 2019
Michael Lewis, FISPE, 2019
Hubert (Bert) Leufkens, FISPE, 2020

Special Award for Public Health Promotion Through Pharmacoepidemiology

Presented in recognition of a special, sustained contribution to pharmacoepidemiology.

Paul D. Stolley, 2006
Bernard Bégaud, 2017

Lifetime Achievement in Drug Safety

Presented in recognition for lifelong dedication, courage, and service in the pursuit of drug safety.

Frances O. Kelsey, MD, PhD
Barbro Westerholm, MD, PhD

The Ronald D. Mann Best Paper Awards

Since 2001, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety has recognised an annual Best Paper Award for the strongest contribution in a given volume, as determined by the Editors and a representative from ISPE. The complete list of winners is published on the PDS website.