Africa Chapter

Established May 2018

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop, sustain and advance Pharmacoepidemiology research in the African region, through intra- and intercontinental scientific collaborative work.


  • To assess the Pharmacoepidemiology gaps in the African region
  • To provide Pharmacoepidemiology educational opportunities for researchers, policy makers, and healthcare practitioners and organizations in Africa
  • To facilitate intra- and intercontinental Pharmacoepidemiology collaborations and communications among African nations, and researchers from non-African nations with interest in Africa
  • To promote the field of Pharmacoepidemiology as an applied science in Africa.
  • To serve as a scientific forum for exchange of ideas, best practices, and research partnership for Pharmacoepidemiology in Africa.
  • To promote best practices of the Pharmacoepidemiology field

Meeting Schedule

At least once every quarter via teleconference, and one face-to-face meeting during the annual ICPE meeting.

Committee Members

Chair: Kwame Appenteng
Co-Chair: Irene Berita Murimi