Publications and Communications Committee

Mission Statement

The PCC serves as a forum on matters related to publications and communications related to ISPE. This includes liaising with the Executive Board of the journal, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, dealing with broad publication issues including but not limited to ISPE endorsement of publications (examples include pharmacoepidemiology reference papers, guidelines, etc.), and public and member information published on the ISPE website or distributed within and outside of the society.

The PCC also promotes old and new technology to connect pharmacoepidemiologic researchers and disseminate and communicate pharmacoepidemiologic research information, information about activities of interest to pharmacoepidemiologists, and any issues broadly related to public health to its members.


Meeting Schedule

The PCC convenes at the annual ICPE meeting and by teleconferences in between as deemed necessary by the chair.

Committee Members

The PCC uses three year terms (Chair-elect, Chair, Immediate Past Chair) with elections at the annual PCC meeting during the ICPE. The current chair and chair elect decide on topics to pursue and liaise with the ISPE Board and the PCC as necessary. The Chair also serves as the ISPE representative to the Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Journal’s Board.

Chair: Mina Tadrous
Co-Chair: Rhonda Bohn
Immediate Past Chair Kevin Haynes