Adherence SIG

Established Fall 2012

Mission Statement

Adherence to pharmacotherapy is central to the effectiveness of self-administered medication regimens. Yet, non-adherence is exceedingly common, with upward of 50% of patients not taking their medications as prescribed. There are a number of challenges unique to adherence research that require specialized skills which will benefit from innovative collaborative approaches to solutions. Historically, adherence research has been siloed into the disease content such that methodologic work has been carried out in parallel, limiting synergy.


  • To create a collaborative intellectual home for ISPE members interested in and/or engaged in adherence to pharmacotherapy.
  • The focus of the activities will be discussion of various measurement methods, including cutting edge approaches and novel use of existing data sources, sharing information about availability of data sources, and sharing novel approaches to post-measurement (analysis) challenges.

Meeting Schedule

The SIG will hold meetings at ICPE and will hold a poster walk to highlight key abstracts at ICPE and further educate ISPE members about the key developments in the field.

Please visit our ISPE Community for the latest SIG news, upcoming meetings, membership, documents library, connecting with SIG members and leaders, and more. An account is needed to access the community and join it.

SIG leader(s)

Chair Feng-Hua (Ellen) Loh  
Vice Chair Julie Lauffenburger