Special Interest Group in Benefit Risk Assessment, Communication and Evaluation (BRACE)

Established August 2012


To provide an interactive and collaborative forum for education, training and development among ISPE members with an interest in BRACE.


  1. To promote awareness, through education and collaboration, of the intersection of pharmacoepidemiology and BRACE.
  2. To define the role, application and best practices of pharmacoepidemiology to BRACE.
  3. To develop and advance BRACE via:
    • development, review and implementation of new tools/methods,
    • the development and sharing of applied examples,
    • providing a forum for sharing findings and soliciting constructive input from peers,
    • sharing information on best practices and promoting harmonization

SIG Leadership and Governance Structure
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SIG leader(s)

Contacts: Chair, Annalisa Rubino
  Co-Chair, Brett Hauber​
  Co-Chair, Elaine Morrato
  Secretariat, Abenah Harding