Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) SIG

Established April 2010

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for the development, application, and dissemination of comparative effectiveness research activities, education, and methods.


  1. To develop, implement, and disseminate appropriate and advanced approaches to study design and analytic methods in comparative effectiveness research.
  2. To review and communicate current activities in comparative effectiveness research.
  3. To support comparative effectiveness research education and training.
  4. To establish and revise good comparative effectiveness research practices.

Meeting Schedule

CER SIG meets at least quarterly depending on members’ and leaders’ schedules.

Committee Members

Chair: Xuerong, Wen, Ph.D. XUERONGWEN@URI.EDU
Past Chair: Patorno, Elisabetta,M.D. EPATORNO@BWH.HARVARD.EDU