Drug-Drug Interaction Special Interest Group

Established October 2019

Overview and Mission

Pharmacoepidemiologic studies are essential to confirm (or refute) and elucidate the health effects of potential drug-drug interactions (DDIs). In addition to applying principles for good pharmacoepidemiology practice, researchers conducting DDI studies must consider nuances in design and interpretation that follow from a focus on the health effects of combinations of multiple exposures rather than single medical products. The DDI Special Interest Group will serve as a collaborative community of ISPE members with an interest in the design, analysis, interpretation, and translation of pharmacoepidemiologic studies of drug interactions.


  • To provide a diverse collaborative forum for persons around the world interested in real-world DDI research
  • To improve the quality of real-world DDI research that informs the clinical evidence base
  • To foster the development of new pharmacoepidemiologic methods to study DDIs
  • To educate the general ISPE membership and external stakeholders on the role of pharmacoepidemiology in studying DDIs
  • To promote the professional development of junior ISPE members interested in DDI research
  • To facilitate the translation of high-quality real-world DDI studies into clinical practice

SIG homepage on ISPE Exchange (login required)

SIG leader(s)

Chair: Charles Leonard, US
Vice Chair:   Katsiaryna Bykov, US
Secretary:   Thanh Phuong Pham Nguyen, US