Special Interest Group in Pediatrics

Established August 2011

Mission Statement

Advance research and share knowledge for safe and effective use of medicines in pediatric populations to inform policies and clinical practice, to promote safe use, and to improve child health outcomes.


  1. To maintain a current reference of existing pediatric data sources and networks for observational research in pediatric pharmacoepidemiology
  2. To identify important needs and directions for future critical activities in the area of pediatric pharmacoepidemiology
  3. To adapt and develop standards relevant to the advancement of pediatric pharmacoepidemiology research
  4. To promote collaborations within the Pediatric SIG and across ISPE SIGs to address issues relevant to pediatric pharmacoepidemiology
  5. To serve as a resource to the ISPE membership by providing expertise and educational content in the field of pediatric pharmacoepidemiology

Meeting Schedule

Teleconferences are scheduled monthly. For more information or to be added to the Pediatric SIG email list, please contact the Chair.

SIG homepage on ISPE Exchange (login required)

SIG leader(s)

Chair: Mehmet Burcu
Vice-Chair: Francesca Kolitsopoulos

Secretary: Greta Bushnell

SIG Members and Expertise