Real-World Evidence Collaborative

August 2022

Mission Statement

The mission of the RWE Collaborative is to promote global knowledge exchange of scientific ideas on real-world data (RWD) collected in routine clinical practice from a variety of sources used to generate real-world evidence (RWE) regarding the use, benefits, and risks of medical products. The collaborative provides an interactive forum to discuss RWD and RWE, including the study designs and methodologies needed to conduct and interpret these studies appropriately through pharmacoepidemiology.


  • To provide an interactive global forum to discuss RWE
  • To enhance knowledge sharing between members across academia, government, service providers and pharmaceutical industries
  • To facilitate collaborative development of new designs and methods for RWE generation aligned with pharmacoepidemiologic principles
  • To maintain a current reference of methodologies used for RWE generation

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SIG leader(s)

Chair Donna Rivera, FISPE  
Vice Chair Montse Soriano Gabarró, FISPE