strategic initiatives

ISPE Strategic Plan 2024

ISPE has launched its first five-year strategic plan with ambitious goals to foster science in pharmacoepidemiology and improve public health, built on our mission statement: The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) is an international organization dedicated to advancing the health of the public by providing a global forum for the open exchange of scientific information and for the development of policy, education, and advocacy for the field of pharmacoepidemiology, including such areas as pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, comparative effectiveness research, and therapeutic risk management.

ISPE's plans for 2024 center on these broad objectives.


By understanding and supporting member retention, facilitating recruitment of new members, facilitating member networking and promoting involvement in ISPE governance and activities.

  • Foster growth strategically
    • in countries outside of North America and Europe
    • through smaller meetings that engage local pharmacoepidemiologists
    • through concerted outreach to new generations of pharmacoepidemiologists,
    • through strategic collaboration with other societies
  • Branding: strengthen the message of ISPE’s reputation as friendly, collaborative society with strong scientific rigor, innovation and significant public health input
  • Enhance membership database maintenance and analysis to inform recruitment and deliver audience-relevant messages
  • Review and enhance processes to engage members and monitor trends towards being top-heavy or a “clique” society
    • Ensure transparent communication between leadership and members
    • Grow and improve advertisement of volunteer positions for member engagement
    • Obtain regular member feedback on ISPE priorities, strengths and weaknesses
    • Increase communication to members through website and social media and facilitate member networking

By providing relevant educational initiatives, meetings, and resources to build capacity in pharmacoepidemiology and facilitate career progression for ISPE members

  • Organize scientific meetings of the highest attainable standards
  • Grow opportunities for collaboration outside of the annual meetings
    • Enhance portfolio of webinars
    • Enhance website to facilitate scientific exchange
  • Develop resources that support researchers in pharmacoepidemiology world-wide
    • Provide standards for best practices in pharmacoepidemiology for application in both research and training
    • Promote and share new methods and technology to support scientific advancements
  • Advocate for support of ISPE researchers including data privacy rules that don’t impede observational research
  • Establish lead role among “big data” sciences by providing expertise and guarding scientific rigor, especially principles of causal inference
  • Grow ISPE’s role in use of patient-generated data (e.g., wearables)

By ensuring the ISPE brand aligns with the Society’s goals and is well respected, by encouraging leadership from the Society and its members as experts in pharmacoepidemiology, by collaborating with other organizations as strategically relevant

  • Communicate ISPE’s contribution to public health and society to consumers, government organizations and other relevant decision-makers
    • Establish an active social media platform
    • Encourage presentation of content with high public health relevance at annual meetings and enhance media attention
    • Enhance website content and management
  • Prioritize strategic collaboration with other societies and entities that interject with ISPE content
    • Grow forums with specific clinical focus that can interject with related clinical societies and consumer groups
    • Contribute to presentation/publication of RWE content at non-ISPE venues and outlets and develop relevant ISPE-branded resources
    • Grow collaboration with clinical pharmacology to foster translational science
  • Enhance collaboration and support of regulatory bodies
  • Enhance recognition of PDS as ISPE’s journal (rec from Mekanic)

By ensuring continuity of leadership of key positions to support financial decision-making and oversight and effective collaboration between the board, committees, councils and SIGs.

  • Create and implement long-term strategic plans that support ISPE’s growth and influence and that guide financial investments
    • Enhance the engagement of board, committees, councils and SIG in implementing the strategic plan
    • Gather member input on ISPE strategic plans
  • Maintain continuity in leadership while optimizing opportunities for member involvement and growth
  • Secure adequate funds to support operations and initiatives

For details on 60+ SMART goals that ISPE will implement over the next years, ISPE members may review the detailed project plan here.