Groningen 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Speaker Title File name
Bjorn Wettermark Data sources for DU including quality and validity Wed intro
Irene Eriksson Record linkage in drug utilisation studies W1A Eriksson
Tatiana Luz Data sources overview W1A Luz
Maria Rikala Validity of register data W1A Rikala
Morten Andersen Measuring drug use in dynamic cohorts W1B Andersen
Helga Gardarsdottir Longitudinal databases W1B Gardarsdottir
Eric VanGanse Use of therapies and outcomes W1B VanGanse
Hanne Strom Classification systems & measurement units of drug utilization W2A ATC_2014
Solveig Sakshaug  Application of ATC/DDD in health policy and drug utilisation W2A Application ATC/DDD
Monique Elseviers Measuring patient adherence W2B Elseviers
Bernard Vrijens  Electronic monitoring of patient adherence W2B Vrijens
Jaco Voorham Database research on patient adherence W2B Voorham
Petra Denig Types of prescribing quality indicators (PQI) W3A PQI Denig
Anke Lambooij Prescribing quality indicators (PQI) in practice W3A PQI Lambooij
Grigory Sidorenkov Development and validation of prescribing quality indicators (PQI) W3A PQI Sidorenkov
Juan Merlo Introduction to multilevel analysis W3B Merlo
Doug Steinke Interrupted time series analysis W3B Steinke
Maria Matuz and Ria Benko Introduction to visualisation W4A Matuz Benko
Mikael Hoffmann Time and geospatial visualisation W4A Hoffmann
Judith de Jong Explaining medical practice variations W4B De Jong
Brian Godman Policies and cross-national variability W4B Godman
Fanny Janssen Modelling population level drug use W4B Janssen

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse Priority medicines Thur Plenary Mantel
Björn Wettermark Drug Utilisation Research - a solution for the future Thur Plenary Wettermark
Bernard Vrijens  Assessment of adherence to medications T2A Adherence Vrijens
Simon Hurding  When DU influences policy T2B Hurding
Thomas Cars  Drug utilization in hospitals T3A Cars
Robert Vander Stichele  Promises and pitfalls for Cross National Comparisons T3B Vander Stichele

Friday, August 29, 2014

Debra Rowett Drug utilisation informing clinical decision making in the elderly F1A Rowett
Robert Vander Stichele  Challenges and opportunities for future Drug Utilisation research - introduction Fri plenary Vander Stichele
Bert Leufkens  The policy-makers and regulators viewpoint Fri plenary Leufkens
Frank May  The Healthcare Providers viewpoint Fri plenary Frank May
Nicky Britten  Patients will have the last word Fri plenary Britten